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About our Game

Ascent of the Dragon is a 2.5D platformer set in feudal Japan with mystical elements.

The Story

In ancient times our world was governed by harmony and peace. This was only possible, because four holy creatures were destined to hold the balance of nature. In a moment while everyone weigh in safety, an all-consuming darkness suddenly descended upon our world. It swallowed each of the four holy creatures and captured them inside. Lurking in said darkness, was the Daitengu, followed by his army of Kotengus. But there was still hope... Suddenly, out of nowhere a light as bright as a thousand suns. For a glimpse of a moment, the darkness was broken. It was the holy Kirin, who awoke from his thousand-year slumber! With his power, he was only able to free one of the four creatures... the dragon Seiryú.

Your Mission

As the dragon Seiryú, you receive from Kirin the order to free your holy friends and restore the world and its balance. Go first to the west, where the white tiger Byakko is captured.

  • Exploration
  • Challenging jumping puzzles
  • Progress
  • Story

Project Gallery

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Road Trip Schild Road Trip Schild Road Trip Schild Road Trip Schild

Meet Team Banana Branch


Dominik Karow

Producer / Game Design / Level Design / 2D Artist


Cole Brooks

Game Design / Level Design


René Hecker

Gameplay Programmer / Engineer


Julia Mohneke

Art Direction / 3D & 2D Artist / Animation


Dennis Röhlke

3D Artist / Concept / Animation


Finley Dietrich

3D Artist / Animation


Zoe Hackman

2D Artist / Concept / UI


Nic Storm


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Grünberger Straße 54
10245 Berlin

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